Photography by Martin Bager

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  • Warsaw, Old Town by night. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • London by night, November 2011. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Shrine of Our Lady of Europe (Italy)

  • Auschwitz Nazi Deathcamp. Foto: Martin Bager.

  • Street photography from Warsaw. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Street scene from London, November 2011. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Slalom Competition, marts 2013, Madesimo Italy. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Beach Park Amager, Copenhagen. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Sprængning af Valby Gastårn. 4 november 2012. Foto: Martin Bager.

  • Fishing trip on board the god ship 'Hanne Berit of Rungsted' Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Sortedamssøen, Copenhagen. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Sunflower. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Antalya Old Town and Marina. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Ephesus in Turkey. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Sun in Turkey. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Belly dancers i Turkey, Antalya. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Our French Bulldog and Hairball. Photo:Martin Bager.

  • Great belt Brigde in Denmark. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Graffitti in Denmark. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Madesimo. Photo: Martin Bager. Madesimo. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Jens Olsens World Clock in Copenhagen. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Climate protesters at the Cop 15 summit in Copenhagen. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • - MIG Welding. Photo Martin Bager.

  • Bilderberg protest meeting in Copenhagen 2014

  • The Little Mermaid

  • Erik & Karolina Van Weerden Wedding 2. August 2014 in Lübeck. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Lübeck, Germany.

  • Copenhagen in moonlight. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Participant at a political debate in front of the shipyard in Gdansk. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Erik & Karolina Van Weerden, wedding in Lübeck. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • London aerial photography panorama from the London Eye. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • There is two Harbor pools in Copenhagen they are open to public all summer. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Cph. Christianshavn. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Copenhagen waking up. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Warszawa. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Cloudburst, Copenhagen Vesterbro, August 31 - 2014 at 04.00 to 05.00. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Anders Hovgaard Pedersen og Krista Roelsgaard's bryllup 2014. Foto: Martin Bager

  • Urban Art in Copenhagen 2014. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Urban Harvest Festival 2014

  • Icehokey Rødovre vs Frederikshavn 2014. Foto Martin Bager. Frederikshavn won after sudden death.JPG

  • Artist Uwe Max Jensen performs Greek ritual in Copenhagen while naked.. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Winter morning 2014 - Minus 12 degrees by Furesøen. Photo: Martin Bager

  • Warsaw Old Town. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Birds and Boats. Photo: Martin Bager.

  • Copenhagen Pride, August 15. 2015

  • Collage Photo: Martin Bager

  • Maternity Photography. Photo: Martin Bager.


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